Michael Grant, Award winning and bestselling author of GONE
What an original take on superpowers!  We Are The Catalyst, by Tash McAdam, is fascinating, nuanced but relatable characters in a whole lot of trouble, kids up against great and terrifying forces they can’t hope to defeat.  Can they?  I loved the characters, I was fascinated by the world, I loved the dread and the building excitement.  And I can only envy the realness and specificity of the action scenes.  Read this book!
Mary Fan, Author of Artificial Absolutes and Flynn Nightsider
McAdam's stark and striking writing style boldly bring this action-packed adventure to life. Every line barrels into the next, taut with suspense, and keeps you wanting more. I ended up reading the whole novella in one sitting because I literally couldn't put it down! But not only is the suspense high - the characters are thoroughly engaging. McAdam manages to delve deep into Serena's psyche, allowing the reader to see what she sees and feel what she feels, while keeping up the rapid pacing. It's almost as if the author's a psionic herself, projecting the character's emotions and experiences into the reader's mind. 
Nathan Beauchamp, YA Author of Chimera (Universe Eventual)
The writing is bold, crisp, and precise. McAdam is a talented writer, especially good at the aforementioned action sequences as well as character thoughts and motivations. The last third of the book really accelerates, leading to a conclusion that left me hungering for far more. There's emotion in this story. Not melodrama, but genuine emotion. McAdam made me care, made me feel.
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