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Not ready for a read of your work but want to chat to an expert about queer and trans characters/ storylines? I offer consultancy chats done via email, skype or voice call (or over coffee if you're local!) 

Fees decided on a case by case basis depending on 1) if there are pages involved, how in depth your need is, and how much time we spend working on your project. Connect with me with a brief summary of your project and needs for a quote. 

"A sensitivity reader reads through a manuscript for issues of representation and for instances of bias on the page.  The goal of a sensitivity reader isn’t to edit a manuscript for clarity and logic, although that may be an additional service offered. A sensitivity reader reviews a manuscript for internalized bias and negatively charged language.  A sensitivity reader is there to help make sure you do not make a mistake, but they are also NOT a guarantee against making a mistake." - Writing in the Margins

AREAS OF EXPERTISE - Queer and Trans identities 

QUALIFICATIONS - Lived experience, over 2 decades working with the Queer and Trans community, including as a Queer and Trans Competency Trainer running workshops for schools, businesses and organisations

WHAT I READ FOR - physical description; authenticity of character history, development, dialogue and behaviour; stereotypes and tropes; harmful messaging; interactions with other characters. 


  • up to 5,000 words $30 flat rate

  • 5,001 - 10,000: $55 flat rate

  • 10,001 - 30,000: $75 flat rate

  • 30,001 - 50,000 : $100 flat rate

  • 50,001+: $100  + (# of words above 50k) x ($.01 per word)


Consulting and Senstivity Reads

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Tash is an experienced public speaker having read at events like OPT BC's annual fundraiser and the Vancouver based Night of Storytelling. Tash has also panelled at major events like Creative Ink and I Am Not A Girl's Vancouver performances. 

If you're interested in having Tash as a guest at an event, please use the provided contact form

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