WARRIOR is a short-story collection consisting of 12 science-fiction and fantasy stories. They all feature exciting plots, dangerous monsters, unexpected twists and – above all else – fierce heroes.

These heroes all happen to identify within the LGBTQIA spectrum, but that is not the main focus of their stories. It's simply part of their lives and personalities – just like it is in real life.

Why is this book important? 

It is hard to grow up with questions about your identity and part of the challenge is struggling to find heroes that are "just like you". 

We believe that all children, teenagers and young adults deserve to find characters they can identify with. This is our first anthology, and presents LGBTQIA-identifying characters.

My Story

These Bodies are Battlefields is a 6000 word short story starring Ice, a genderqueer pit fighter who desperately needs the prize money from a big fight. The story is set in a medievalesque community, where life isn't easy.  Ice is neurodivergent and has struggled throughout their* existence to connect to people and understand their emotions, which has resulted in a lot of built-up anger. Through this short story we see them find new understanding about themselves, and their life with a little help from an admirer.