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Tash McAdam is the author of a variety of fiction for young adults. You will always find an emphasis on community support, found family, hope and growth within Tash's stories. 

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Brick, a young thief, is terrified of outer space. But they’re forced to escape Earth when a warrant goes out for their arrest.

There’s nothing left for them on the dusty, barren wasteland of Earth anyway. Brick stows away on a cargo ship headed for the moon.


They reluctantly allow a local teenage enforcer named Amar to tag along. But the ship ends up containing unusual cargo and the crew members may not be who they appear to be.

Suddenly the spaceship is taken over by pirates, who imprison the crew in the airlock. Brick and Amar come up with a plan to rescue the crew. The only problem is that, in order to succeed, Brick must venture out into the deep darkness of space.

  • By: Tash McAdam

  • Pages:112

  • Publisher:Orca Book Publishers

  • Themes:outer space, rescue, artificial intelligence, nonbinary, OwnVoices

  • Pub Date:08/15/2023

  • Fry Level:3.0

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THE PSIONICS BOOK 1 (prequel novel)

The thrilling Psionics series kicks off with I am the Storm. Kidnapped and imprisoned, telepathic children are brainwashed and forced to gather military intelligence. Serena's brother is one of those children, and if Sam's not careful, he will be too...


Bestselling author of GONE

What an original take on superpowers. I loved the characters, I was fascinated by the world.


This contemporary thriller offers suspense, intense sports competition, and a fast-paced plot leading to a resolution that emphasizes chosen family and inner-community support.


 Award winning author of FLYNN NIGHTSIDER and STARSWEPT

This high-octane adventure will grab you from the start and keep you enthralled.

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