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Content advisory

This is a messy book, about messy characters in messy situations. The main point of view character suffers from anxiety and depression, including on page panic attacks and dissociation. There is also repeated on page drug and alcohol use, violence, homophobia (verbal, implied violent), bullying, transphobia (misnaming, off page deadnaming, misgendering) as well as various forms of child abuse and neglect.

Below you will find a page numbered content advisory that you can ctrl+f to search. Take care of your mental health, friends! (and enemies, and those yet to be classified) 

If you have any specific questions please feel free to submit via the contact form.

Page numbered content advisory

1: blood, arrest, police, handcuffs, dissociation, injury
2: blood
4: off page bullying (physical and verbal)
5,6: depression, anxiety
7: transphobia
8: bullying (verbal), anxiety, panic attack
16: internal misgendering re. Past
21, 22: police, handcuffs, ref to drugs and alcohol, dissociation
24: alcoholism
25: off page violence / verbal abuse
30: misgendering
32: panic attack and dissociation 
35: police, blood, death, ref to alcohol and drugs
41: ref to past bullying (verbal and physical)
43: ref to parental abuse, ref to alcoholism, anxiety
51: police, handcuffs, ref to drugs and alcohol
54: ref to bullying
58: implied child neglect
63-67: cannabis
68: police, discussion of murder
73: emotional manipulation
74-87: alcohol, drugs, smoking, 
76: vomiting
83: verbal abuse
84: physical abuse (minor, no injury)
85-87: on page panic attack and dissociation 
89: ref to alcohol, panic, murder
90: anxiety
91: ref to drugs
94-97: on page magic mushroom use and experience
103: death of a sibling mentioned
104: skateboard / car accident (minor collision), blood, minor injury
111: off page deadnaming, on page misgendering
113: ref to suicidal ideation
115: child abuse/ neglect
116: mention of vomit 
118: cannabis use, grief
121: ref to bullying
123: skatebord accident (minor)
127: alcohol, mention of child abuse (physical)
129: on page homophobia, verbal abuse, adult man threatening a minor
130 alcohol
135: cannabis, ecstacy 
137: discussion of death of a sibling
145: on page tattoo
149: homophobia 
150: child abuse and neglect, domestic violence, misgendering
160-164: cannabis, alcohol, discussion of past bullying 
165-66: mild sexual content
168: ref to handcuffs / arrest, 
174: ref to unstable home
178-180: alcohol
179: minor injury, blood
187: minor injury, blood
190: dysphoria, ref to top surgery
190-203: alcohol
191: anxiety, ref to alcoholism, ref to verbal child abuse
197: cannabis, ref to unstable homelife 
199: violence, fight, blood, injuries, mace
205-207: ref to alcohol 
208-233: alcohol, cannabis
214: grieving, ref to death, ref to sibling death, ref to murder
218: ref to cannabis, ref to anxiety, 
220-233: drugs
223: police
224-226: grieving, ref to death, ref to sibling death, ref to murder, cannabis
227: blood
229: kissing (various)
232-33: outing, internal homophobia
234-36: cannabis, minor nudity
239: ref to suicidal ideation
244: intense imagery, drugs
246-47: blood, on page death
250: tasering, violence, restraints 
251: ref to outing, head injury, 
252-256: violence
262-64: alcohol
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