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Newly out trans guy Max is having a hard time in school. Things have been tough since his summer romance, Danny, turned into his bully. This year, his plan is to keep his head down and graduate. All that changes when new It-girl Gloss moves to town. No one understands why perfect, polished Gloss is so interested in an introverted skater kid, but Max blooms in the hothouse of her attention. Caught between romance and obsession, he’ll do whatever it takes to keep her on his side.



Haircuts, makeovers, drugs, parties. It’s all fun and games until someone gets killed at a rager gone terribly wrong. Max refuses to believe that Gloss did it. But if not Gloss, who? Desperate to figure out truth in the wake of tragedy, Max veers dangerously close to being implicated—and his own memories of that awful night are fuzzy.

Both sharp-edged thriller and moving coming-of-age, this gorgeously wrought novel is perfect for readers who want stories with trans characters front-and-center.

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 No One left But You

PREORDER NOW | Out November 7th | Soho Teen


A trans teen is swept up in a whirlwind friendship with lethal consequences in this taut YA thriller, for fans of Sadie, K. Ancrum and HBO's Euphoria.

Gloss inhales softly. She turns her laser eyes on to Danny, drags them over his body like she did to me. I stare at my ink-stained hands, not wanting to watch the car crash of Gloss teaming up with him to torment me.

“Yes, I’m sure it’s a vast shock to discover that I might choose to spend time with someone thoughtful and intelligent, instead of an arrogant asshole with the emotional range of a Bop It. Go away you spoilt toddler, adults are talking.”

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