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Tash is a Welsh-Canadian author, activist and educator. Their publications include No One Left But You (SoHo Teen), The Psionics (Nine Star Press), Junior Library Guild Gold Standard Selections Blood Sport and Sink or Swim from Orca Books and more. 


Tash is passionate about social justice and mentors trans youth through the Gender Generations Project, a program they sit on the board for and were instrumental in founding. 


When they’re not writing or reading you can find Tash in a lake, lying on the carpet thinking about monsters, or getting a new tattoo. They enjoy regular cups of tea, making miniatures, existential philosophy, and sharp objects. 

Publication History

  • NO ONE LEFT BUT YOU - trans led murder mystery, fall 2023 (Soho Teen)

  • AIRLOCK - nonbinary teen Brick has to venture into the depths of space (ORCA BOOKS), a Hal Clement notable title

  • THE OOZE - aliens have invaded, and trans guy Bran has to stop them! (ORCA BOOKS) 

  • SINK OR SWIM - A JLG Gold - a trans led survival adventure. (ORCA BOOKS)

  • BLOOD SPORT- A JLG Gold - a trans youth in care investigates the suspicious death of his sister. (ORCA BOOKS)

  • THE PSIONICS - a 1984 / X-men action adventure scifi series with a diverse cast and a focus on found family. (NINE STAR PRESS)

Anthology Contributions

  • Warrior, an LGBT anthology starring queer warrior protagonists

  • Brave New Girls 1, 3 and 4 - anthologies raising money for girls in STEM starring girls with STEM smarts!

Tash wearing a pink buttonup shirt and round pink sunglasses. You can see their black sleeve tattoos
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