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“This edge-of-your-seat adventure will be welcome in schools and public libraries...Recommended.”

– CM: Canadian Review of Materials

The Ooze cover - a dark haired white boy with his eyes covered with a silver glaze and black slime

Bran's taking the recycling down to the basement when the lights go out and the elevator stalls.

Bran's phone's dead, he can hear screaming, but he can't get out. Eventually, he manages to pry the doors open to find that something's very wrong. His own mother can't remember his name, there is this black slime dripping out of her ear and then she kills their cat. Bran runs. Outside, Vancouver is teeming with people acting strangely, and they all have the same black slime in their ears. What is going on and how can Bran stop it?

This high-interest Orca Anchor title is written specifically for teens reading below a grade 2.0 level.

"A tightly plotted, highly appealing story with bite." - Kirkus reviews

“A page-turning, terrifying, and ultimately satisfying contagion adventure in the world of high/low lit.”– Booklist


“This edge-of-your-seat adventure will be welcome in schools and public libraries looking to reach out to this population. Recommended.”– CM: Canadian Review of Materials

Blue Smoke


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Both sharp-edged thriller and moving coming-of-age, this gorgeously wrought novel is perfect for readers who want stories with trans characters front-and-center.

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