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★ “This book checks all the boxes of a hi-lo text. It has an exciting hook, a modern teen worldview, and is at a lower reading level...A must-buy for libraries looking for diverse and compelling hi-lo books.” ― School Library Journal, starred review

“This contemporary thriller offers suspense, intense sports competition, and a fast-paced plot leading to a resolution that emphasizes chosen family and inner-community support...A gripping mystery for reluctant readers.” ― Kirkus Reviews


Blood Sport cover- a trans team with fists raised in a boxing guard stares sternly at the reader

Jason is sure his sister, Becca, was murdered, but he’s the only one who thinks so.


After finding a photograph Becca kept hidden, he decides to infiltrate a boxing gym to prove that she didn’t die accidentally.


As a transgender kid, Jason’s been fighting for as long as he can remember, and those skills are going to come in handy as he investigates.


Quickly invited into the inner circle, Jason must balance newfound friendships with the burning hate that drives him.


Jason soon feels torn between two worlds, determined to discover what happened to his sister but struggling with the fact that this is the first time he’s ever felt like he belonged somewhere.

“Sure to grab readers and keep them interested as they follow Jason and his quest for justice. The novel is a rip-roaring read that does exactly what it sets out to do―be engaging, highly readable, and incredibly thoughtful. Highly Recommended.” ― CM: Canadian Review of Materials


“The focused, deliberate writing keeps up the pace; this agile murder mystery moves like a bantamweight champion. Gritty yet without the pitfalls of trauma porn, this novel has the tough shell of noir but a tender underbelly, making it a great read for those looking for realistic yet trans-affirming fiction.” ― Them.


“Readers will want more…Issues of childhood trauma, transgender people in today’s society and human trafficking combine to make this a 5 star book for teen readers.” ― Must Read Lit: K thru YA --This text refers to the paperback edition.

Blue Smoke


available for preorder now!

Both sharp-edged thriller and moving coming-of-age, this gorgeously wrought novel is perfect for readers who want stories with trans characters front-and-center.

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